Designing Your Perfect Bathroom

Your bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms of any new home. But to get it right from a design & styling perspective, there’s more to it than people think. More to the point, if you’re off the mark, a mistake in such a small room is extremely unforgiving and is often expensive to make good. Learn more about the key rules to stick to when considering your bathroom style.

Back in the old days, bathroom design was driven by practical choice. In today’s times, bathrooms are expected to be more than about functionality with an element of styling is an essential addition. Whether your flavour is contemporary, shabby chic, rustic or beach, there are a few basic rules you can follow to make sure your bathroom remains on-trend.

Start with a neutral base

By starting with a neutral base for your bathroom’s colour scheme, you won’t have to stress about it becoming outdated or out-of-touch. A modern bathroom design makes great use of white, black and grey as well as other neutral colours.

Choosing these colours as a base for your palette, from tiles to basins allows you the opportunity to add impact through colour in items like taps and basins, accessories, art and towels. This way, your bathroom can evolve with your changing tastes and colour trends.

Add a Splash of Colour & Texture

Add to your neutral base by selecting elements of colour & texture that draws your attention. The key is to refrain from over doing it by having too many elements. Try to keep it simple

Consider how you could add contrast or texture to your bathroom design through your:

  • Vanity finishes – these days, there is an unbelievable range of laminate finishes and stone benchtop colours and textures for you to select from which make it achievable (and affordable) for you to make a styling statement;
  • Tapware & Basins  – consider the style of tapware and the wide range of colours that are now available, and quite affordable;
  • Tile and grout choice – think about tile pattens, sizes and textures. Grout comes in more colours than just white…. white subway tiles with a feature dark grey grout may be an option;
  • Accessories  – options are endless and you don’t need to spend a big to get the look you want. Attention to detail is important here, and follow the principle of “less is more”.
Practical storage solutions

This is one area where practicality is important. There is no point having a super stylish bathroom, with limited storage options. While your bathroom may be picture perfect when you move in, as soon as you start using the bathroom, your toiletry clutter will kill your styling mojo. Floating vanities and recessed mirrored wall cabinets are great option, which both have a minimalistic and streamlined look.

Complementary Shapes & Lines  

Effective use of complementary shapes & lines can escalate your bathroom to that next level. Some ideas to get you started may be…. line matching your wall and floor tiles, a feature wall consisting of tiles laid in a herringbone pattern, circular shaped feature tiles to your shower niches or round edge mirrors to soften the square edges of your bathroom.

Add a bit of green

One of the most common outcomes with bathroom styling is a ‘sterile-looking’ bathroom. A simple way to soften your bathroom appeal is by adding fresh flowers and plants. If the upkeep of fresh flowers is all too much, a low maintenance alternative is to use dried foliage such as eucalyptus. It keeps for ages and also leaves a nice natural scent. Please… resist the temptation from using plastic plants & flowers!

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Happy Home Hunting!

The Ashmont Homes Team