Our Simple (& Proven) Process

It's all about you...

We’ll take the time to understand everything you want & need in your dream home.

Our collaborative approach will ensure you understand all aspects of the design & construction of your new home. From the first design consultation meeting where you’ll share the vision for your new home, through to its conceptual design, construction and then handover…. you’ll be involved every step of the way.

Our goal is to get you into your home, sooner. We do this is by fast-tracking building approvals, limiting the number of current projects which minimises time delays, resulting in the consistent achievement of meeting handover deadlines.

Our process ensures this goal is met, time after time.

Step 1

Design Consultation

Share your vision and your individual lifestyle needs.  Together, we’ll work through the concept plan changes where you’ll personalise the design and make it your own.

Step 2

Concept Design Presentation & Price Estimate

Within 14 days,  you’ll receive your initial Concept Floor Plan which and you’ll be invited to provide feedback and make revisions. As soon as you are happy with your Concept Plan, we’ll prepare a detailed Price Estimate for your new home.

Step 3

Tender Presentation

Once you are happy with the Concept Design and Price Estimate, we’ll proceed to the Tender phase, which involves preparing Architectural Plans, Surveyors Report and Borehole Report. This will provide us with more information so we can present you a Tender which covers off on all the details and specifics, working towards a fixed price for the delivery of your new home.

Step 4

Plan Presentation

We’ll walk you through your architectural plans step-by-step, as if you were walking through your home the very first time. We’ll drill into the details of your home, providing you with functional and on-trend options available, bringing your vision to reality.

Step 5

Life-size Walk Through (optional)

This option is ideal for those that struggle with reading plans or understanding the scale of rooms in your home. We can organise for you to (literally) walk through your custom designed home. Your floor plan is projected onto a huge showroom floor, allowing you to view your home to real life scale. This will give you the confidence to move ahead to construction.

Step 6

Exterior & Internal Design

Our design team will take you through the colour selections process, where you’ll have the opportunity to select all of the colours, finishes and fixtures for your new home.  Once everything has been selected, you’ll receive a Colour Selections Booklet which details all of your Colour Selections.

Step 7

The Paperwork

Wherever possible, we’ll fast-track the process of obtaining your building permits so we can get you home, sooner. We’ll also prepare your HIA Building Contract for your signing. As soon as we receive your building approval, we’ll finalise your final Construction Plans which marks the beginning of the construction phase.

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